Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bahia de Tortugas

Hi All!

We got into Turtle Bay on Sunday. After leaving Ensenada we had a bit of a scare when we tried to anchor at Islas Todos Santos and found th aquaculture had spread into the anchorage. Fortunately we had Darren on the bow scouting and he saw the submerged lines that we were running over in time for me to throw it into reverse quickly and thread us back out of the cove!!! With adrenalin pumping we decided to just sail south and not anchor that night. After a beautiful sunset and a few more hours of sailing we were both hit with Montezuma´s revenge. Soon, we were both below, weak and vying for the head so we hove to and waited it out.  The wind got so light that at one point we made a whopping 5 miles in 24 hours. Finally we had drifted close enough to Punta Colnett that we decided to put on the motor for a half hour so we could just go anchor and rest. After a few days rest we had recovered and the wind returned so we headed south again in our vain search for WARM.

We had a nice sail down to Bahia de Tortugas with just a bit of gusts and a few steep waves. It´s been nice here and we have met some great people and rumor is that it will be warm at Mag Bay this coming Saturday!!!!!! Hoping to leave tomorrow to head that direction. Probably no internet til Cabo or Puerto Vallerta so no worries if you don´t hear from us for a week or two.
More whales!

Jodi and Darren