The Journey

From here to there with a great big smile.


  1. Sorry about the lower problem… Sally and I had it once coming home from cancun on cancun airlines…. the ice cubes on the plane got us. Sounds like your having a good trip… ate with Ted & Barbara DuPuy tonight and he going to follow your blog…… We move our things to Florida on January 13…. packing boxes right now…. Love Dad & Sally

  2. Hope you both are doing well.... we are in Williamsburg. I've got a one man show of all my art I have create during our world travels. In two weeks we have the Consort and we leave on
    Sept. 26 to go back to Florida. We are going to try to see Brian, Lori and the kids on the way home. Good thing you stay put..... I saw you had several stormS on the pacific. love DAD & SALLY