Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where To Next?

Honestly, we aren’t sure. Some possibilities include San Simeone (most likely given the forecast), Morro Bay and Avila –or we might just go straight to the northen Channel Islands in an attempt to meet our good friend Jacqui while she is visiting Southern California.
Darren rows Harry and Susan back to Pebble Beach
Regardless of where we end up, it is with great reluctance that we leave our little home in Stillwater Cove at Pebble Beach, CA today. Since we first dropped anchor in Monterrey ten and a half days ago (seems like yesterday) we have enjoyed the distinct privilege of getting to know Harry and Susan Rogers better while enjoying their generous hospitality. In addition to knowing the physical needs of a traveler such as hot showers, laundry and a car ride to get supplies, they opened their home and hearts to us and shared their delightful and generous friends with us over delicious meals as well.
We’ll share more details (when we get wifi again) of this wonderful area and it’s great people along with our adventures in San Francisco with family Robert and Sandy Schilling and Brittanee (Lincoln) Aubock.
For now, a quick THANK YOU to Harry and Susan, Michael, Marilyn, Trish, Charlie, Dierdre, Philip, Amanda, Peter, Bill and Rita  and of course, to Cameron who made it all possible by Facebooking her folks that they were getting guests! Hope your birthday in Bali was as full of wonderful surprises as our stay here has been.

Jodi and Darren Craig
s/v Gratitouille

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