Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hasta Luego

The Flotilla of Four Gang
Last night we enjoyed a final happy hour at the wonderful La Marina Restaurant across from the San Jose del Cabo (SJD) marina we are anchored in front of with new and old friends. We shared a plate of fish tacos that were delicious and fortunately they let you share the 2 for 1 margaritas because they are strong! All of the staff at the restaurant are super friendly and one of them even sang with the live band for a few songs! Afterwards, we said hasta luego to the last of our Mag Bay “Flotilla of Four” friends Kim and Arnie from Puna (thanks for the beef!). It’s been about two weeks since we waved to Del Viento sailing away while we savored their parting gift of brownie cupcakes (thank you!) and just over a week since we enjoyed a final evening on Marida (thanks for the phone calls to our folks!) before they left San Carlos for Panama. We hope to see all of these wonderful, talented, generous people again along the way.


SJD Town Square
As usual, we have stayed longer in SJD than we intended and enjoyed it more and for different reasons than we expected. Along with meeting new people, we enjoyed the Old Town area and saw some great art (a real treat – been a long time since we’ve been anywhere with art galleries). Darren had been here years ago and it has changed dramatically. On the sad side there are huge developments gouging and gobbling up the hillsides and a mall with McD’s and other such imports. The prices are fairly high. 

SJD Organic Saturday Market
 On the up side, there is a cute downtown area with pretty streetlamps, benches and trees, great little places with local food, a French bakery (real bread and chocolatines!!), art (both in the galleries and on the street), an organic farmer’s market (vine ripened tomatoes and mango mint ceviche!! Heaven, I’m in heaven…), arts and crafts and an affordable bus system. The locals were friendly and kindly forgiving of our amateur attempts at speaking Spanish.

San Jose del Cabo murals
We have been tempted to change course and head up the other side of the Baja to see friends in Los Barriles, La Ventana and La Paz but learned that it was 43 – Fahrenheit!!,brrr! – in La Paz yesterday morning so we are headed next for the mainland via Isla Isabel. We hope to make the San Blas area of the mainland near Puerta Vallarta by Jodi’s birthday this Saturday and meet up with friends in Banderas Bay after that. We miss you and wish you were here.

Jodi and Darren
s/v Gratitouille


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODI and we love the fish pics you sent…. love Sally & DAD.

    1. Thank you!! It was an unexpectedly fabulous birthday! Love, Jodi