Sunday, April 13, 2014


Wish we were there to sing to you and give you hugs! We got together a few pictures of some things you might enjoy if you were here.
For starters it would be a lot warmer than your birthday last year!
There are lots of art and crafts here to get your creativity going.   

We have seen several places that remind me of Montana around the lake with purple and green rock together.

AND we found where the Mexican Colbrys live! (It means hummingbird in Spanish)

We have a tropical take on rice and raisins, we add fresh mango and banana (raw) and use coconut milk instead of cow milk. If we are having it for a meal we add some sliced almond for protein! A little ginger with the cinnamon and nutmeg is yummy too!

We had the last of our Hood River grass fed beef hotdogs as bacon wrapped cheddar dogs when we found some great bacon in Guyabitos. Yum!! Well not quite wrapped, as you can see, I had the butcher cut the bacon so thick that we had to cook it separately so all the cheese didn’t melt out!


And, there are flowers everywhere

Hope you have a great birthday!

Jodi and Darren

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