Monday, January 25, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me, Just Another Day in Paradise

So, you know how you ask what we do with all of our time? Well, just when we thought we were beginning to recover from the saltwater invasion which led to the mold and rust invasions and then dealing with dental issues again, we have a new challenge...

Hmmm...interesting...hanging ginger snaps to dry on the laundry line? Old birthday tradition? Keeping them out of Darren's reach?

Nope, we found evidence of a four legged visitor last night just before bed and I figured if I had to deal with that on the morning of my birthday I was going to have some comfort food I knew was safe to eat!!

Darren set up a really good Wylie Coyote trap before we turned in and though I heard rustling when I woke up at 3 (am!!! and couldn't get back to sleep of course),  the uninvited visitor didn't fall for it. Get it? Fall...haha. Trust me, it's really funny on 4 hours of sleep. Plus, laughter is the best medicine, right?

So Darren, husband extraordinaire is off, hitching across town to buy multiple rodent traps. Fortunately I just bought a new jug of bleach last week so I can get started on cleanup while he is out.

Before he left he made me one (actually 2!) of his delicious spiced hot chocolates with peppermint marshmallows to keep my spirits up!

                                Turtle hugs make everything better.

Fortunately, he gave me my birthday presents a day early so we put those out of reach of the Roadrunner too...

That song lyric, "just another day in paradise...", keeps running through my head. Again, funny in my head.

So although part of my day has been hijacked by yet another boat 'challenge', I am enjoying all the well wishes that keep coming in and am looking forward to yet another amazing Radio Bay potluck party tonight!

Thank you to all for brightening my day!!!

Love and hugs,


  1. Jodi, Happy Belated Birthday! Did you get that boat rat? I hope so! Sounds like you're having a great birthday, in spite of that little bugger. Love, Rhonda & Nick

    1. Thank you Rhonda and Nick Mark! No capture yet but Darren went out today and got us a whole slew of traps and an improved line guard system so we're hoping to wake up back down to a crew of two! Hope all is well with you. Looking forward to those beautiful pics of your garden bounty again this year!