Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
We have sooo much to be thankful for but the most important are our wonderful friends and families that make our lives not only worthwhile, but amazing. As we recently saw on a greeting card...

Thank you to all of you who make our lives so fabulous!

We finally made it out of the states and arrived this morning in Ensenada, Mexico! Light winds and a determination not to motor meant it took a little more than a day longer than planned to get here from San Diego. So for Thanksgiving we checked in with the marina (no overnight anchoring allowed here) then made our rounds to check into the country. The first 11 are in or just outside the same building but you have to stand in line again every time you go back to a window, 12 is 6 blocks down the street and 13 is on the way back to the marina.

Look! It's Mexico!
1. Migracion for tourist card application
2. Bank to pay for tourist card
3. Migracion for tourist card stamp
4. Port Captain to check the boat and crew into the country
Good morning Ensenada!
5. Port Capitain, next window to pay port entry fee on boat
6. Copy shop outside to make copies
7. Bank to pay for Temporary Import Permit for boat
8. Customs to press the button - green light - yay!!
9.Fisheries to apply for mandatory fishing licenses for everyone on board since we have fishing gear
10. Bank to pay for fishing licenses
11. Fisheries to receive fishing licenses
12. Buy Mexican boat insurance
13. Celebrate by each having a shrimp taco and ceviche for Thanksgiving feast with mariachi band!
14. Back to the boat for a quick nap to catch up on 2 days of watches

Since we can't anchor here we won't stay long but are enjoying our first taste(s) of Mexico!

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