Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WOW (Still in the States)

Wow, Has it really been a month since we last posted?? As you may have noticed we haven't had much luck in finding wifi in southern CA. The few times we have gotten online in the last month we have spent the time doing such fun things as paying bills and spending ridiculous amounts of time dealing with the health reimbursement plan people who don't seem to speak the same language as the equally wonderful health insurance plan people. Needless to say, they are not my favorite (unlike smiling!).

On top of that joy we both got really sick. It started with Jodi waking up one morning with the world spinning (no alcohol involved). We tried some seasick medicine  - even though we weren't in a particularly rolly anchorage we thought we'd give it a try. Two days later and still feeling like I was a kaleidescope where my outer body is the cylinder and my guts were the colorful little bits inside being rolled around by a really rambunctious kid and we looked for other possibilities. Darren asked if my sinuses were hurting. Well, a little, but I always have some sinus thing going on as I haven't cleared out the river nose from leaving Hood River - we've been hoping to get to warm water and have a few surf sessions clean me out. Maybe it did seem a little worse than normal...we tried some decongestant and some saline rinses and a day later I finally stopped spinning! On the up side, I developed some new muscles from clinging to the bed in an effort not to roll off while we were in flat, calm water.

A couple of days later we were in the midst of putting back together the boat as we had torn it apart to rearrange all the lockers just before I was bed-ridden and Darren came down with some awful cold thing that knocked him flat. You know it was a doozy since he just about never gets sick enough that he's flat in bed and can't even read. I was feeling better so I was able to turn the tables and take care of him. A couple of days later he was feeling less miserable and able to get up and about and I was hit with the same thing that he had! Argh!

So, we are still in San Diego despite having planned to be in Mexico by now and we haven't even been able to visit with family in the last two weeks as we didn't want to infect anyone. We are on the mend now so hopefully we will get all our projects done and be able to see the cousins in the next few days.

We are hoping to get back to the library tomorrow to be able to fill you in on all of the FUN stuff we did before we became infected like meeting Tracy at Anacapa and racing him to Newport Beach, visiting with cousin Bill and Lynn and seeing C. at his waterpolo meet! In the meantime, we are still in the states so feel free to call and say hi.

Jodi and Darren
s/v Gratitouille

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