Tuesday, February 25, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY R and JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday R and John!
We love you and wish we could be there to celebrate with you, we could have oreo ice cream like last year. Hope you have a great day!

Or, if you were here, we could celebrate with mango or coconut ice cream or…churros!

R, you would love the warm water to swim, snorkel and dive in and you could take the next step in your kiting!
One handed kite pro!
Snorkeling in beautiful waters!
The weather is even nicer here than it was when we sailed on opening day last year with you.

We haven’t seen any lefse, but we have found stores with butter!

There is sooo much to see, you would love taking pictures of all of it!
Stairs or birthday cake?

Starfruit tree!

We miss you lots and wish we could be there to see you flying high.

Happy Birthday brother! 
John, the water is much warmer here than it was last time you played with the surf board.

Wish you could be here, I would love to give you birthday hugs and also get one of your great hugs ‘little’ brother.

And you would love the wonderful people and culture that we are meeting and experiencing.
The town is know for its carvings.

Happy Birthday to a man who knows the secret to happiness…
And bacon makes me happy.

And the real secret to happiness…

R and John, we love you very much, you are in our hearts.

Aunt/Sister Jodi and Uncle/Brother Darren

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