Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Birthday!!

                                                           HAPPY BIRTHDAY C!!!
We wish we were able to celebrate your birthday with you! It would be fun to see you again! You could squish uncle Darren's head while riding on his shoulders and play duets with him on the guitar.

We miss catching waves with you, you would love the water where we are now it is VERY warm!!

Last week we went surfing without wetsuits!

We don't miss this!
Want to come fishing with me?

There are bananas, almonds and papayas growing all over the place here and we found a ship fort at the old Customs House in San Blas.

 We miss you and your hugs lots and wish we could be with you for your birthday!! Hope you have tons of fun on your special day and another great year!
This little birdie landed on our lifelines to wish you happy birthday!
Uncle Darren and Aunt Jodi

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