Friday, June 13, 2014

A Birthday and a Wedding

Let’s start with a big Happy Birthday to my brother BJ and congratulations to Mel and Ken. As many of you know Jodi does most of the blogs because I am a man of few words. Well at least on paper. Jodi is in Oregon celebrating LOVE as our good friend Mel weds Ken, the man of her dreams.

Schoon on the right.

So let’s start with my brother. HAPPY BIRTHDAY brother Sol! I wish Jodi and I could be with you and the family to share in this happy day. Know that you are missed and always in our hearts and minds. When I catch a delicious fish for our dinner it always reminds me of our childhood and the skinny little kid brother I had that was a fishing machine. Life is good and we are all grown up now, however in my
heart you will always be the little brother who would kick my butt fishing. Also, congrats on breaking ground on the new house, I must say though, that I am really surprised the fishing pond didn't go in first. Love ya brother, happy birthday.

Melissa and Ken congratulations - I wish you both much love and happiness as you start this next big chapter in life. My marriage to Jodi has been a blessing to me, bringing me closer to anyone than I have ever been.

Now it's your turn Mel.
 She is my best friend and the love of my life, I wish this kind of happiness for you.  Melissa thank you for having been such a great friend to us. You have always been there in our times of need and shared with us many adventures, challenges and the happiest of times. Jodi is so happy she has the opportunity to be there for you as you were there for her during our wedding. I wish I could be there too but as it could not be, I had Jodi bring a whole load of hugs for you from me. Congrats on this, your most joyous of days!

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