Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy Fathers Day

A post dedicated to the fathers in our family, be they experienced or new to the game. 

Raising us was never easy but the people we have become is a reflection of the job you did raising us.
You taught us to follow our dreams and to remember the goal, slow and steady wins the race.
You gave us the strength to perservere when things are hard.
 Remembering that no matter how hard the situation may be that hope and our inner strength will lead the way to a better day. 
To enjoy the good things while we have it and the strength to push through the hard times until the good times return.
You have raised a family and got us to where we are today while providing a role model for us to strive towards, so that we could become the self-sufficient happy adults we are now today.

Though we come from very different worlds than we are in now it was the life lessons of our childhood that got us here and have helped us to succeed at all our life’s endeavors as we have climbed towards our dreams.
Your guidance has helped us navigate through the sea of hazards we call life.
We are living a great life and live it to the fullest so we would like to say “Thank You Dad” as we couldn’t be here without you.

We love you.

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