Wednesday, August 27, 2014


We are thinking of you and hoping you have a great birthday! Wish we could be there to give you a birthday hug! And cheer as you throw another Yahtzee!

Or if you were here we could take you to see all of the beautiful churches in San Salvador. 


You’d love all the great fruit and veg at the markets and the characters who run the stalls. With your endless energy we could take a whole day walking through all of them.

Lychees, bananas, papaya...

Though we wouldn’t have any raspberries from your delicious vines.

There are so many wonderful people to meet! 

We could give you a break from cooking your delicious meals, let someone else cook and explore the unique cuisine of El Salvador!



There are great beaches to fly kites and play and unlike the Oregon beaches, the water is warm enough to swim in!

Cheerful morning person that you are, you could enjoy the gorgeous sunrises!

Happy Birthday!
Jodi and Darren
PS - Happy Anniversary tomorrow to you and John!!!