Sunday, August 31, 2014


Hi from Estero de Jaltepeque, El Salvador to Oregon! 


Happy Birthday S.!!!!

Wish we could be there to eat cake with you! 

Or if you could be here with us! El Salvador is kind of like Oregon…

The jaiba (blue-crab in the U.S.)
wants to give you a birthday hug!

Both places have crabs…   
Not so sure you like the Oregon crabs!

Maybe our little hermit crabs are more
your size?

                                            And beaches with rocks...  

You don’t put them in your
pocket grandpa...
           You THROW them!         
                                           El Tunco
No need for fleece on this beach!

Some of the birds here have a bigger wingspan than the pelicans.

Central America has banana plants

Some things are different…

Oregon has blackberries

Oregon has dandelions that are fun!   In California they are HUGE! 

Oregon has plastic fish...
At the Washed Ashore Project in Bandon, OR
Down here we have playful dolphins!

In Oregon we pick raspberries into tubs.

Here, they carry chickens in tubs!

And of course if you were here we could hear more of your words of wisdom, like…  
 “I’m not handsome! I’m cute!” 

Yes. Yes you are.

Love you captain cutie!

We miss and love you lots and hope you have a VERY happy birthday!
Aunt Jodi and Uncle Darren

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