Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Mama Craig!


We both miss you muchas here. 

Even though our days here in El Salvador are quickly approaching the end we are still loving the time we have left to enjoy the local food and the wonderfully happy people that have made our stay here so amazing.

You have often asked what we eat here.  Well, the street food is good and if you are cooking at home there are a lot of things to choose from to whip up a good meal. 

There are these delicious clams from the estuary that could never be confused with Snug Harbor clams.  

There is the strangest looking nut in the world, the cashew. The nut is the curly bit sticking out the bottom of the fruit.

We make lots of curries, rice and raisins and other assorted yummies from the coconuts but you need to be stern with them and show them your machete to get them to jump in the pot. 

And for breakfast there is always the option of chocolate dusted plantains for breakfast. 

However, if you visit the capital you can get a Frosty and have a great “Wen dia”. 

The rainy season is still going full tilt, though most of the lightning is in the clouds now and there is much less wind. 

Here is a view from the hotel where we catch up on Skype, filling you in on the latest and greatest here in Central America.


We have been spending a lot of time here fixing and repairing things for the next big part of our adventure.

Over all life is good here and we have been both blessed to have enjoyed our time here together. Soon we will be back at sea enjoying the sunsets in new strange and foreign lands.


Next stop Honduras and then Nicaragua. We love you and hope you have a great birthday.

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