Friday, September 12, 2014

Feliz Cumpleaños C.!!!!

Mi querido sobrino (read that in a book and thought of you, been dying to use it for months now!), hope you have a great birthday! Wish we could be together to celebrate with you!

It’s hard to believe you are a SENIOR already! All grown up into a great older brother… 
… with lots of accomplishments.

 If you were here we could go to one of the fun restaurants on the water and have some delicious fish cooked El Salvador style (muy rico!). It’s amazing what they can do with just a few sticks for fuel! The pans aren’t very deep but they essentially deep fry it by spooning the hot oil over the fish.

Didn’t ask if they use the El Gringo brand rice that our local tienda carries!

Here’s the parking lot of one of our favorite places to eat.


You don’t have to worry about cars needing a tow here!

If your engine quits you can always sail to the restaurant.

Speaking of driving, after lunch, you will probably want to test drive the hammocks and get in a little siesta. 

Others may want to go shell hunting or take pictures of other restaurants nearby…

…or get a little target practice in.


As you can see, the chicks here are really cute!

Here we have the option of both manmade fireworks and the ones that mother nature sends our way every few days.

Uncle Darren could teach you some of his special surf tricks. Such style! (Teehee!) Uncle Darren says it’s his special “southern style”!

And if you wanted to stay awhile you wouldn’t even have to change your phone number. Any guesses what the area code is here? Hint – although we were in El Tunco when we saw this sign, the area code is the same for the whole country.

Hope you have a great birthday and a fabulous senior year!
Aunt Jodi and Uncle Darren

Glossary for those who, unlike C., don’t know Spanish - 

Feliz – Happy
Cumpleaños – Birthday
Mi – My
Querido – Dear
Sobrino – Nephew
Muy – Very
Rico – Rich
Gringo – pejorative term for a foreigner, especially Anglos
Tienda – Little store, usually smaller than a one car garage (and some people’s closets!)
El Tunco – pig, boar, a great surf town in El Salvador

Answer to the area code picture riddle – 503 (Cinco – Five;  Tunco – Round zero-like pig’s head; Tres – Three)

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