Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Mama Craig!!!!

Have a very Happy Birthday or E Koika Hanau in Marquesan! We’re wishing you were here with us enjoying our ‘Quest for Fun’ in this lush tropical paradise.

West Indian Jasmine

Life traveling through Polynesia has been many things. Like we experienced in Central America, it can be hard at times living in a land of people who have different culture, traditions and languages (three in the parts of French Polynesia that we went through alone!). Getting the basics can be a challenge but it is also very enriching getting to interact with so many different people. Other times have been so, so amazing! We have gotten much better at stopping to smell the flowers and what beautiful flowers they are. There are so many amazing varieties here. They can be very exotic and beautiful or even surprisingly different from anything you can imagine.


For a while we were anchored around a lot of other boats and made so many new friends. They included great folks from Germany, Belgium, Austria, France, Israel, Sweden, Chile and even the odd boat from the USA (though not as many as one would think). However in time each boat goes its’ own way and now we are enjoying some much needed solitude. It’s been a great time to relax and move at our own pace. Doing both the things that we have wanted to do and those we have been needing to do too.

Giant Clams

 We are getting some much needed boat maintenance done while at the same time blasting through a few good books. It’s been so nice to go snorkeling on the coral reefs that are all around us…

  …of course only after scraping some of the never ending growth off our beloved boats’ bottom. We are a multifamily boat as we share our home with many a sea creature and its’ family.
Sometimes we even find a secret message or two on our rudder.

 Many nice walks have been taken both for pleasure and groceries. The islands here are just beautiful and you never know what new and exciting oddities you may come across - from the crazy beach lamp post on the motu in the middle of nowhere…

 …to the exotic Polynesian tree rooster. Incidentally, you can’t set your watch by the roosters as they love to crow at all hours of the night and day. No problem for us though, as we can anchor a little farther from town missing out on all of their melodic and harmonious crooning.

Sometimes you can even take a break in a beautifully flowered yard by the sea while enjoying a custom built humpback whale skull bench.

Other days we may just go out for a nice row

... and then maybe stop for a small bite at the local Yacht Club and enjoy the sunset together.

 We are loving our life out here on the sea and are very grateful that we are having this incredible journey. Happy Birthday from the crew of Gratitouille. Love ya mom!
Darren and Jodi

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