Monday, October 26, 2015

Moving on and birthdays at sea

Hi everyone! Well, it’s time for us to be getting on our way. We are setting off for points north, probably Hawai’i. When we get there will depend on the weather, but we should arrive sometime between early Dec. and early Feb. depending on the wind and weather and whether we stop along the way (if we stop somewhere else you should hear from us sooner). We will be aiming for Hilo and then working our way up the chain for several months to visit the other islands.

People keep asking what the first thing we will do when we arrive in Hilo and I’m thinking it will be to find a library with free internet to research phone plans so we can call friends and family as much as we want! (Anybody know of a good, really cheap Verizon plan?) Followed closely by washing machines and hot showers! Oooh and does anyone know of really good ice cream and pizza there?!

We will be missing a few birthdays while we are out, but will be celebrating for you somewhere in the Pacific. So E Koika Hanau (Happy Birthday in Marquesan) to, Lori, Seaton, Sally, Dad C. and many more!

Love to all our friends and family,
Jodi and Darren

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