Monday, November 2, 2015

Bora Bora to Hawai'i! Only 2300 nm to go

Ahhh, paradise!
After a short stop in Bora for supplies and a last supper by the pool, we are off today to continue towards Hawai'i.

We've stocked up on mangos, cabbage, celery and even splurged on a few pears. We've devoured our last tuna casse croute and pearl and taken our last swim in the freshwater pool. We've dug out the crossing peanuts, cashews and peanut butter we've been saving since the Americas and all of the pate we can't bring into the States and so must eat on the way (poor us - methinks this will be a very protein rich crossing!). And last night we put the dinghy on deck to prevent another 'last' last run to the grocery and roulotte! So this is it, all we have to do is tear ourselves away from the net and this beautiful home we've enjoyed for the last 6 months, cast off the mooring and we're on our way! We'll miss you French Polynesia!

We'll be thinking of you and looking forward to being back in touch on the other end.

Love, Jodi and Darren

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