Tuesday, September 3, 2013

And We’re Off!

I can’t believe it’s been a month since we left Hood River in a flurry of “I love you’s”, tears, “See you later’s”, laughter, packing and unpacking and giving away more stuff that just won’t fit in the floating closet we call home. Thanks to everyone who stopped by whether from near or far (Edgar and Norma!) to wish us “Bon Voyage” and sign our duvet cover. The love in your well wishes and artwork will keep us safe and warm for many off watch shifts. If you didn’t stop by on that Saturday afternoon or Sunday it’s likely we will be in Bandon, OR for at least a few days as we wait for the north wind to return. Give Jodi’s phone a call if you are thinking about dropping in on us in this cute little town in case the forecast changes.
Unfortunately we were so busy trying to wring out every possible second of spending time with friends and family we didn’t get many pix to share of all that joined us. We’ll try to get better at remembering to use the camera! 
We haven't had good access to wifi yet, but will post a series of glimpes at the past month and add details later as we find more good wifi locations.

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