Thursday, September 5, 2013


Our welcoming committee
After a quick stop in Astoria to refuel, shower (they have the best showers there!) and get a few things at the marine supply store (we should have bought stock in Englunds!), we headed over to Ilwaco. 

Gratitouille and Lil' Sass in the slings
After waiting for the tide to accommodate us we pulled the boat and had it pressure washed then started the shoulder numbing work of sanding and painting the bottom.  I think Darren made 6 trips to Englund's one day alone. Was it the paint fumes that caused him to forget items on the list?

Sanding, argh!
Shiny new zincs!
Who is that unmasked man?
Mark and John rock!

Among other projects accomplished while waiting for various coats of paint to dry Darren painted the Hood River on (in the rain).

Not all of the artistic touches are finished but at least we are now legal since we have the name and hailing port on. Rain and chill were our conditions for several of the days we worked in Ilwaco but Mark, John, Mary and April from the port were a joy to work with. If you need to do work on your boat we LOVE the Port of Ilwaco - friendly, helpful, professional and reasonable!


  1. I'm loving the blog. And I can't get over how fantastic and appropriate the boat name is.

    Continue to have a great adventure. I can't wait to hear more.

  2. Thanks Cassie! We spent a long time getting to just the right name. Hope all is great with you!

    J & D