Saturday, September 28, 2013

Are We There Yet?

Spoiler alert - Written on yet another rainy day in Newport. Skip it if you are in the mood for light and sunny. Otherwise you may want a handkerchief.

"So, does it feel real yet?", Melissa asked.
Well, yes and no. Newport is the first place we've been since we left Hood River a couple of weeks ago that we've never been to by boat. Also, the Ilwaco-Newport passage was our first offshore since we brought the boat from Seattle a year and a half ago. Having the responsibility of caring for four other people besides Darren and my self in an environment that, although I have read about it a lot, is still new to me.
People giving us huge Dungeoness crab or inviting us for a tuna feast certainly didn't happen in Hood River - there it was salmon, cherries and other inland treats! And yet, when I spend a good portion of the day below decks working on another boat project we could easily be back home in Hood River. And when I have to wear my beanie to bed because it is so cold, we could be in the van again, camping out in Newport for another surf weekend. Of course now we don't have to get in the car and go back to work on Mon.
But what truely drives home the reality that we are on our way are the tears that course down my face as I watch her walk down the dock.
Away from us - for who knows how long.
So does it feel real yet?
Yes, yes it does.

Jodi & Darren
s/v Gratitouille

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