Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hood River to Portland

After leaving Hood River (thanks for the departing pix Jacoby!) 
we spent a few nights in Cascade Locks  We also enjoyed our first dinner guest of the trip there (thanks Joe!), went swimming a couple of times and took a walk to the old locks.
doing projects (thanks for letting us use the shop again Jim!) and finding places for things on the boat (you will notice this becoming a recurring theme).

We left Cascade Locks and went  through the actual locks on a much nicer day than it was last time and left of home pool of Bonneville. 

 We saw Joe and Stringy kiting and Brad and Lisa waving to us from the beach further down the river and revisited Government Island for some blackberries and an amazing sunset.
It was there that Darren started to worry that we would need to buy another storage unit just for the sunset pix. But who was snapping away like crazy the very next night?

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