Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Portland And West

We spent a couple of days at the M. James Gleason Boat ramp in Portland for Darren to paint the name on the boat and Jacqui loaned us her car to do some last minute errands in PDX including picking up the bottom paint we had ordered from Columbia Marine Exchange. Thank you Jacqui!

Jacqui also earned the distinction of being our first overnight guest! While in Portland, I used the Powell’s credit from the books I sold them. Thanks Mom, Dad and Sonya for your help with that – check out all the cool books I found to replace the old ones!
I am really excited about the one called We, the Navigators. It’s about how the ancient Polynesians navigated with just the sun, stars, waves, etc. to roam the entire Pacific. Super cool!
After leaving Portland we saw lots of big ships
and anchored out by Coffeepot Island.

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